Changing The Conversation Together

Posted by Jarrod Valentine on January 18, 2018

Changing The Conversation Together is an organization that was created last October to use a technique called deep canvassing to change people's minds regarding politics. Most political canvassing involves going door-to-door and giving the same speech to everyone and hoping it works. Deep canvassing involves basically having a guided conversation with people and connecting an issue to their lives and having them relate personally. I really like this approach because it is optimistic and positive and makes the assumption that people want to be heard and understood and that connections with others can change how we think and feel.

We on the data team are working on what information we want to collect during canvassing. Survey design is important and can be tricky. We want to make sure we're capturing meaningful data that reflects what we want to measure. I'm super excited!!! It feels good to be working for some positive change, even if it's a small contribution.